new Bookings 2023


Milonga Chicago

Stokholm, sweden

Organizer: Tangonorte

Date: February 9th

Milonga casa valencia

barcelona, spain

Organizer: Antoniatango

Date: June 8th


Rovinj tango festival

rovinj, croatia

Organizer: Studio Libertango

Date: October 1st to 10th

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Kontatk mig for bookings. Ofte kombinerer jeg mine DJ jobs med arbejdsrelaterede rejser, også i Danmark. Det betyder at det oftest ikke skal betales for rejseudgifter.

Whatsapp/Telegram: +45 61 68 83 69



Tango DJ

 Fabrice Knecht is a Tango DJ based in Odense, Denmark. I am playing your Tango Music for your Practica, Milonga, Festival, Marathon. I have a professional international profile and play traditional Tango Music exclusively. I focus on playing Music which is suitable for dancing, as a Tango DJ I never play music I haven´t danced to before myself several times.  A piece of music, a Tango that sounds beautiful is not necessarily easy to dance to. I am playing a creative and dynamic mix of orchestras from the mid 30s to mid 40s. In addition, I supplement with pieces that have been created before and after this golden period. Additionally, my choice is infulenced by the sense of the dance floor. My music is also tailored by the physical surroundings, the culture, the people and the atmosphere.

 As an experienced tango dancer, I have learned that a good tango dj is essential when dancing. I am critical about music, and also expect that the dancers I play music to at a milonga are demanding as well. This makes the best of me. I take up this challenge when I play music, and through experience and continued learning I can offer high quality. My long experience as a tango dancer gives me a really good foundation for being a tango DJ. I have a well-developed observation sense and a good feeling for the situation at a milonga.

 At the local Tango Association in Odense baila el tango I am responsible for choosing the DJ´s for the weekly Practicas and Milongas. 

To develop as a tango dancer, I have from the beginnnig listened to plenty of tango music, several hours a day. At that time basically just because I love music and especcially this newely discovered Tango Music. Throughout the years this has not only developed me as a dancer, but also as a tango DJ. Several visits to Buenos Aires gave me an invaluable insight into what a good Tango DJ plays.  And perhaps more importantly what a good Tango DJ does not play! The organizers of a Milonga appreciate my stability, I am a safe choice when it comes to traditional tango music.


Sound Quality

Most of my Tunes I play are in .AIFF and .FLAC format which secures the best possible sound quality. My focus on the sound Quality is adding an important Part to the overall experience. Adjusting the Sound to the physical surroundings and picking the correct the sound Level are other parameters which are Important to give the dancers the best possible evening.


Tango DJ references


Rovinj Tango Festival 2023Rovinj (CRO)

Carablanca Milonga, London (UK)

• Berlinos Aires Milonga, Berlin (DE, Tangoloft 

• Milonga Casa Valcencia, Barcelona (ESP), Antoniatango

• Cafe Milonga, Hamburg (DE), El Abrazo 

• Den lille Festival,  M2Copenhagen (DK) 

• Milonga Corazón,  MonroyDance Neuchatel (CH) 

• Milonga Tangolounge Kantine5, Bremen (DK)  Studio Libertango  

Milonga Wednesdays, Stokholm (SWE)  Tango08

• Milonga Chicago, Stokholm (SWE)  TangoNorte


• Påsketango Milonga Tangomalevaje, Aarhus  (DK)

• Påskebal Tangomalevaje, Aarhus  (DK)

Tangofestival Herning 2019, Tango Midtvest, Herning Kulturfestuge (DK)


Resident DJ Tirsdagspractica Odense
• Milonga Odeon Odense
• La Petite Milonga, Odense
• Gran Milonga, Gran Hotel Odense
• Milonga Odense Teater
• Milonga Baila El Tango, Tangoforening Odense
• Tango Meets Salsa, Milonga Salsaforening Odense
• Lørdagsmilonga Tangoglad, Odense
• Milonga Blomsterfestival, Odense
• Practica Eventyrhaven, Odense

• Hans Christian Andersen Festival, Odense

Morbror Tage Milonga, Svendborg
• Forårsmilonga, Svendborg

• Lørdags Milonga, Vejle

• Milonga La Luna, Nicolai Scene, Kolding

• Forårsmilonga, Kulturhuset Fjorden Kerteminde

Fabrice Knecht is a very competent Tango-Dj and has a vast knowledge of the repertoire of the “Golden Age”. He keeps the dancers on the dance floor by finding a good balance between rhythmical and lyrical tandas. (Hany Hadaya – Owner/Organiser M2 Tango Studio Copenhagen)


Hany Hadaya

At Berlinos Aires Milonga people were motivated to dance on the fantastic Music selection by Dj Fabrice Knecht. Thank you Fabrice you have rocked us!  (Hsiao Wang Wendy – Organisator Berlinos Aires Milonga)


Hsiao Wang Wendy

Fabrice DJed at our milonga Carablanca in May this year. Though he had never been to Carablanca before he caught the mood of the dancers, structuring the music to suit during the 4 hours of the milonga. The music was traditional, as we require, and all Fabrice’s tandas were good. The DJ position in our milonga is such that the DJ doesn’t hear the same volume or mix of high and low frequencies as the dancers. Fabrice controlled the volume and achieved good sound quality throughout the evening. We will be happy to invite him to DJ again at Carablanca. (Danny Evans – Organiser Carablanca Milonga London)


Danny Evans

Fabrice djayed at one of our Sunday afternoon Cafémilongas. Very good music selection, very good sound, very professional.  We ourselves and our guests liked it a lot. Highly recommended!

Oliver co-organizer Tangostudio el abrazo Hamburg.


Oliver Quick

When Fabrice DJed in our Milonga for the first time we were very thrilled and excited. A very nice and danceable set. We booked him right away again and fixed a date for the next year.  (Catalina – Organiser Milonga Libertango Bremen)



Fabrice does not only know what Tandas to play, his technical knowledge about soundquality made our Milonga even much better. Very nice to see a DJ that takes his job serious and is controlling the the music throughout the whole evening.  (Martin – Owner/Organiser M2 Tango Studio Copenhagen)


Martin Nymann Pedersen

Tango DJ Fabrice Knecht



i play exclusevly traditional Tango music. My focus is the 30ties and 40ties, with a selection of addiional Tangos before and after the Golden Age

Known tango orchestras

D’ Arienzo, Di Sarli, Troilo, Pugliese, Biagi, Caló, Canaro, D’ Agostino, De Angelis, Fresedo, Laurenz,
Tanturi, Canaro, De Caro, Donato, Firpo, Lomuto, Orquesta Tipica Victor, Carabelli, Fresedo


What makes a good tango dj

I strive to get as many tango dancers to dancefloor as possible. I strive to give the dancers as may possibilities for dancing good tandas as possible.